Ferguson: Ebony’s coverage

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw these amazing videos. I haven’t seen any other outlets cover Ferguson the way that Ebony has. Seeing this makes me both inspired and angry.

I am inspired by the passionate display of people coming together for justice. I am angered because I have to go to the internet to find people who really care. Nobody IRL wants to talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable.

I need more black friends.


“This is what democracy looks like” #fergusonoctober

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5 thoughts on “Ferguson: Ebony’s coverage”

  1. Okay … what the heck. Are those guns they have or tasers? Please don’t tell me they’re guns. It’s crazy. Move to New York. As long as Al Sharpton is here, we’re good to go. He takes care of business.


      1. I love Reverend Al … he is one of the classiest, smartest, together men I’ve seen on the public stage. He’s also funny. I’m proud that he’s a fellow New Yorker.

        Because I was in France, I missed some of the beginning of the whole Ferguson horror. It reminded me of a time when two of my high school students in English got into a fight Iisha and Adriana. Iisha said something that I shall never forget: “I’ll know it’s a fair world when you drive home after school and find a white man spread eagle in the street with guns pointed at him. Because it’s a part of my daily existence … a black kid, spread-eagle in the street, with LAPD cops pointing guns at him.” I thought to myself, “What a way to have to grow up … and live.”

        Anyway, Al Sharpton says it as it is and I love him.


      2. He’s done amazing things for civil rights, I agree. And I’m glad that he has touched you in such a way! As far as Ferguson is concerned, it just exposes a huge problem in our country when police officers are using military weapons on citizens. Sadly, Sharpton can’t fix that.


      3. You’re right … he can’t. But it’s wrong, truly wrong, and I wish I knew how to make our country less attracted to armaments. I used to have a neighbor with a miniature cannon … and it could blow your head off ! Of course, having lived most of my adult life in France, let me tell you … if you even look Arab they’ll whack you up the side of your head with these batons they all carry.


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