My wish: Ferguson

My wish is for people to keep in mind the concerns of what people of color might be saying on your timeline. These issues didn’t just pop out of thin air. There is a problem with racism still prevalent in this country and the only way we can move forward is to address these issues and stop trying to invalidate people’s concerns.

Statements like “all cops are bad” and “those people are thugs” are detrimental and have no place in an open discussion for progress.

I also hope that when someone makes a racist comment, you speak up. When someone refers to black men as “thugs” you speak up. When a person of color says “I am angry,” you try to understand why instead of talking over them. I ask that you be as open as you can and to educate yourself as much as possible.

And keep in mind that silence and ignorance is in compliance with the status quo. Equality comes from addressing these issues and working to find a solution, not trying to sweep them under the rug or reverting to name-calling.


One thought on “My wish: Ferguson”

  1. I once brought a friend from England home with me to visit. Half-way through his visit he turned to me and said, “I wouldn’t want to be black in America.” No one had ever said it like that. Of course, the sad truth is that Americans all share the same DNA. We’re all black and we’re all white.

    My grandmother was a beautiful black woman in East Point, Atlanta. When my grandfather was coming back from some war, they stopped their to eat. Well … it was literally love at first sight. They eloped to California, had five gorgeous daughters (one of whom was my mom) and I’m the only white boy in the here (my dad is white): My brothers and sisters have distinctively curly hair, dark eyes, brown skin, et al, and I look like an Albino: the only one in my family with grey-green eyes, white skin, straight hair, the works.

    So, my point is we all should cry with Ferguson. Put it this way, if that cop had shot me … what do you think would be the reaction? It’s worth pondering. The nation is aching and crying right now … and yet we have a black (?) President. I wonder what Michelle thinks ???


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