Update: Holy Moly!

Is this thing still on?

I’ve been away and there’s a reason for that. I’m going to be an intern with Entertainment Weekly in New York. Let me repeat that – I AM GOING TO BE A FULL TIME PAID INTERN FOR ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY IN NEW YORK CITY. (Okay, not exactly repeating but still!) For a Florida native with a background in English, that’s a big deal!

So with a very small savings account and big dreams, I’m packing up my bags and moving. I’ve had people tell me how crazy this is but at the end of the day – I gotta do it. It’s my foot in the door. I’m doing it!

And as I make this major change in my life, I’m thinking about my time in Florida as well. I’ve made great friends and had some awesome times but now it’s time to move on.

New year. New journey. I’m ready!


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