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Ferguson: Ebony’s coverage

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw these amazing videos. I haven’t seen any other outlets cover Ferguson the way that Ebony has. Seeing this makes me both inspired and angry.

I am inspired by the passionate display of people coming together for justice. I am angered because I have to go to the internet to find people who really care. Nobody IRL wants to talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable.

I need more black friends.


“This is what democracy looks like” #fergusonoctober

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I have more to say but for now:

What’s disturbing to me is that many people are more outraged at the burning of American flags than the systematic murder of black people. This isn’t a fad. It’s been happening since Africans were dragged to this country in chains. Wait, before that because there are plenty of black bodies resting at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean – the ones who didn’t survive the journey to this land.

If you don’t understand why people are so angry, consider yourself lucky and privileged. And educating yourself might be a good idea.